Google is Getting Insanely Fast at Indexing Blog Content

17 09 2009
651.gif I just posted this LiquidWeb announcement on Dedicated Server School, two minutes later I googled the text to see if it was posted anywhere else on the web, and I was amazed to see that my post was already indexed.

See the screenshot:


Notice the text to the right of the URL that says “2 minutes ago.” While that in and of itself isn’t very impressive, the fact that I posted it 2 minutes ago, the blog pinged Google and it got crawled and indexed that fast is pretty amazing.



7 responses to “Google is Getting Insanely Fast at Indexing Blog Content”

26 11 2009
dhurowitz (22:53:02) :

I think twitter has a lot to do with this, ever since twitter started to provide instant news and responses Google stepped up the rate of postings and updates…

18 12 2009
Marc Juneau | NOLAGraphics (07:42:56) :

sooooo ;) hey Chris long time no chat! just curious where’d you stumble upon liquid web for dedicated services? That’s who we have dedicated services through as well! and indeed LIQUID WEB ROCKS !!!! i have gone through the mill of hosting companies throughout the years and this one takes the cake they indeed have HEROIC SUPPORT and Service ….

I also setup a dedicated server for when I started that project in January. It continues to be hosted there and they are as well happy with the service!

cheers and merry christmas!

18 12 2009
Chris H. (07:50:38) :

Merry Christmas Marc. I just did the research and found that they had one of the best reputations in the industry, so I started using them. They have been pretty great since. Nice job on offbeat’s site! Keep in touch!

20 01 2010
Ann (20:18:12) :

When it comes to keeping the ball rolling, the people behind the Google search engine don’t fumble very often. But reading the Google help forums, it does seem that the teams behind Adsense and the Google Affiliate Network have been encountering a few technical glitches lately.

29 08 2010
Whitney Segura (15:01:07) :

Well, there are several factors that will regulate indexing speed & depth, the most important one is PageRank for larger websites, the PR will determine how far Google will crawl. Updating your content regularly will typically lead getting indexed much faster and more often updated. Since Google came out with real time search, we have been able to send things to Twitter and Friend Feed that get immediately crawled. It may not show that it get’s indexed for a few days, but if you send to Friend Feed, it will cache the page the moment it was sent and show the date later on, they are always trying to keep trails on their methods, it’s a masking system in essance with the wait time.

Good stuff overall. I am in Lafayette LA, so it’s always nice to connect with other Cajuns and Louisianians.

13 09 2010
Kate Kutny (12:49:12) :

Great article. When I publish an article the google spiders come quickly to scan it. But Google doesn’t show my backlinks yet and yahoo does. I wonder how much longer it will take before the backlinks show on google search engine.

13 06 2011
Louie Sison (02:22:54) :

This is very true. Sometime on my blog, it’s almost instantly, links are indexed.

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