The “Who Dat Nation” Celebrates!!!

9 02 2010
651.gif Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for their first Superbowl win, and to all of the new fans and long time supporters. I grew up in this city and always dreamed of the celebration that would take place if our Saints ever won the Superbowl. Last Sunday night, I got to witness it firsthand and it was better than I ever imagined.

A few great things that happened as a result of this win:

1. The Saints proved that they were the best team in the NFL this year, proving all the naysayers wrong at last.

2. The Saints gave the people of New Orleans hope that yes, it CAN happen to us.

3. The Saints Football Team provided the most positive press to the city of New Orleans and State of Louisiana that we could have ever asked for, and in doing so put an exclamation point on the recovery of our city and left a lasting impression in the minds of all viewers.



One response to “The “Who Dat Nation” Celebrates!!!”

8 03 2010
New Orleans Web Design (12:14:59) :

what an amazing time to be in new orleans! this season was a ride I will not soon forget.

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