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24 11 2008

I’ve been seeing some ads around for for a little while now, and I thought it seemed like a great idea for therapists who want to have their own website built. They provide a lot of tools that make website creation easy, using their customizable themes and their pre-built content management system.

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If you read my post entitled “How Much Should My Website Cost?” you already know that decent web design can start in the $2k range, and go up over time with different cost factors. The thing I like about, is that while more expensive than just plain website hosting, you save all of the money that’s usually spent on the initial design process. Plus you get their content management system so you can easily make your own changes to the site.

The other thing I like is that the company seems focused on the business of therapists, which means they will likely be equipped to deal with common problems that therapists face when it comes to web design; usually companies like this improve over time also.

I haven’t tried their sites out yet, and I haven’t heard any feedback on them from my advertisers, but they offer a money-back guarantee, and a free month if you mention that you were referred by The FMC Directory (my other website), so it may be worthwhile to try if you’re in the market for a new site.



2 responses to “Websites for Therapists:”

6 12 2008
randy bragg (08:51:10) :

I like being able to change stuff on my site without having to go through a big ordeal…

13 06 2011
Miranda Palmer, LMFT (09:02:19) :

I think TherapySites is pretty expensive, especially when it doesn’t include a blog platform. It tells therapists to just link a blog like another page. Unfortunately, therapists don’t realize that this actually means they have to update, maintain, and design TWO websites. The new blog platforms are actually complete website options- so it really makes more sense to find a website option that has everything in one place for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

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