Free Website Help for Haitian Business

20 01 2010
651.gif If you or someone you know has a business in Haiti; I will offer my time and resources to help with their website. I can help with simple design work and website updates. I can host your site for free on my new server. Contact chartwell (at)



3 responses to “Free Website Help for Haitian Business”

2 02 2010
Roger Coathup (16:16:12) :

Seems we both had the same idea:

We have one lead at the moment; have you had any follow up?

9 02 2010
Chris H. (12:45:39) :

I haven’t had anyone contact me yet. I was skeptical that anyone would knowing that Haiti is generally a poor country. I just figured that there has to be some businesses there that do business internationally or have a website they need help with. Since there aren’t many other ways I could offer to help, I figured it can’t hurt trying.

9 02 2010
Roger Coathup (16:38:57) :

I’ll pursue our lead this week, and see where it ends up.

Will keep you updated.

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