Affiliates Go “Cha Ching” with Bing

28 07 2009
651.gif I was just browsing through some of Bing’s search results for “dedicated server” because I have a site in that niche these days, and I came upon something pretty interesting:
If you notice, the last search result for LiquidWeb’s homepage is indexed with an affiliate tag! I wonder how much commission “sdawkins” is getting off of Bing for this? How many search phrases is it showing up for? Must be nice!

If you look at the backlinks for the URL, it’s nothing but link directories and such. Lucky guy. Bing needs to work on their canonical URL issues here. It wouldn’t hurt for LiquidWeb to have a good SEO on staff either. I can almost guarantee you won’t see this in Google.



2 responses to “Affiliates Go “Cha Ching” with Bing”

28 08 2009
Ronald (00:41:30) :

Unearthing the Bing search results is ingenious and observant of you!

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28 08 2009
Ronald (00:42:12) :

I forgot to state to email me back. That would be great. Thanks!

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