A Great New Orleans Photographer

7 02 2008
651.gif If you’re involved in the internet marketing profession, there is eventually going to come a time when you will need a picture of yourself for a bio or “about us” page. Especially if you’re a blogger – a good picture helps readers to connect and get a feel for who you are; Problogger has a good post on the benefits of using your picture on your blog.

My time had come. I needed a picture for our firm’s website. I’ve been getting along with some crappy old pictures that I cropped from random photos for too long. So being the internet marketing hacker I am, I hit Google up for some “New Orleans Photographers,” and that’s how I was lucky enough to find George Long.

I actually requested quotes from quite a few of these gurus, but George was in line with the rest of their prices, and he could see me the fastest. I showed up at 9am this morning, and was amazed by his professionalism and attention to detail. Within an hour we had the perfect picture for Foreman & Pike’s “About Us” page, as well as a few casual shots I got him to do for my blog.

George’s studio is adorned with amazing pictures from his 30 years of photographing New Orleans and Mardi Gras. He’s even got a spectacular book of post-Katrina photos that’s about to be published soon. I highly recommend his work, and I plan on using his services in the future.



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21 06 2008
“Katrina Days” Book by New Orleans Photographer Now Available | New Orleans Internet Marketing (21:06:48) :

[…] Days” Book by New Orleans Photographer Now Available 21 06 2008 I posted about George Long a few months ago when we met and I was inspired by his excellent photography and his ability to […]

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